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Hey everybody. It's been awhile since I've done a review, so if this seems bumpy, I apologize. Anyways, the subject in question is the fairly recently completed "Godzilla Battle Royale":

*Art by Matt Frank

The film begins in Chicago, with the citizens of the Windy City going about their daily lives, particular focus on a recently engaged couple, of which the proposal is abruptly and randomly interrupted by the KOM himself, Godzilla. Following the opening credits (with a catchy Japanese pop song playing behind them), we witness the assault of Monster Island escapees Godzilla, Varan (filling a role usually occupied by Rodan), Anguirus, and Manda. The quartet are soon joined by the colossal lobster Ebirah and the ridiculous giant cuttlefish Gezora. Meanwhile, the U.S. Defense Force, headed by a no-nonsense Commander Amanda Lexington (Sarah Breidenbach), calls in cocky fighter pilot Matt "Razor Shark" Kennedy (Billy DuBose) to man the new super hover jet "X-Rider" (a mix of the Gryphon fighter from "Godzilla vs. Megaguirus" & the Super X2 from "Godzilla vs. Biollante") in the battle against the monsters.

*Sarah Breidenbach as Commander Lexington

Before Razor Shark arrives on the scene though, the usual deployment of helicopters, fighter jets, tanks, and maser cannons is carried out on the monsters as they tear ass through the city at night. The attack seemingly takes care of Ebirah and Gezora, but the rest of the monsters prove more resilient. In response, the U.S. Defense Force receives a message from the JSDF: Mechagodzilla 3 is inbound. Also, as Razor Shark does battle with the monsters, he receives a visit from the Shobijin, who warn him to reel in his brash instincts and consider that some of the monsters may be friends rather than enemies, a message he brushes off.

*The Shobijin (Jeanette Acquiano)

Shortly after, Mothra (a very "GMK" inspired design, with some Battra powers at her disposal) and, I mean "Gfantis" arrive from space (WTF?) to aid in the battle. About this time, the earthlings discover that this is yet another extraterrestrial plot to takeover the Earth. The difference this time is that the invaders have a trick up their sleeves: rather than just controlling Earth monsters, they have brought some of their own: Gigan, Hedorah, Orga, Zigra, Rhiahn (who sounds like Megaguirus), Zombie Kong (yes, you read that right), and a resurrected Ebirah. To make matters worse, the invaders also commandeer Mechagodzilla. Before it's all said and done, the Earth monsters are freed from their alien control, Godzilla gets a power boost from Mothra that turns him into "Hyper Godzilla", and the monsters have a final battle with the alien queen, who transforms into the new "Queen Ghidorah".

*Queen Ghidorah vs. Hyper Godzilla

Well, with that little plot rundown outta the way, let's get into pros & cons as well as noteworthy tidbits.


The film is, in concept anyway, what "DAM" & "G:FW" should have been. The kaiju carnage is first and foremost in the plot, and the human scenes serve their purpose with nothing extraneous to worry about.

Kaiju who have needed a second shot in the spotlight get their chance to shine. As mentioned above, Varan fills a role that Rodan would usually occupy, so he gets plenty of screen time (and is one of the best suits in the film). Cameos by Zilla, Maguma, and Biollante also are of note, although Zilla is unfortunately made to be the butt of a joke, again. Rhiahn (the Marvel Comics Godzilla foe) is radically redesigned, only recognized by his circular head and single eye, otherwise he's basically Megaguirus. And speaking of kaiju who are really someone more iconic, but called something else, Gfantis (named after the G-Fest mascot) takes the cake for being such a case. From his roar, to his warty skin, he is for all intents and purposes Titanosaurus given a beam weapon and redesigned to be less aquatic-based.

*Gfantis (aka Titanosaurus ;))

  *Biollante & Varan

The Hyper Godzilla suit is the best in the film, bar none.

Olivia Howlett, who plays JSDF Captain 
Kumi Wakabayashi, is HOTTT!

Rather than having all the protagonist kaiju gang-up on a singular foe in the finale, "Battle Royale" gives us an enemy roster that collides with the good guys several times. Also, mythologies are expanded, case in point being Hedorah, whose shed pieces of "skin" take on a life of their own, and become savage humanoid slugs that resemble the Lickers from "Resident Evil". 
 *Licker from "Resident Evil"


The human actors and their scenes are corny as hell. Having seen it three times now, I've become more accustomed to it, but it's still ultimately cringeworthy, the standouts being the opening with the couple and most of our hero's, (Razor Shark), dialogue.

A few of the designs are a bit clunky (Zombie Kong, Zigra, Orga), but most are well done.
 *Zombie Kong
 *Zigra gets tail-swiped by Mechagodzilla

Ebirah, Gigan, and Anguirus are all based on their "Final Wars" designs. Godzilla's main design looks a bit silly, and I'm not sure what its inspiration was, as it resembles both the "Son of Godzilla" suit as well as the '84 one.

*Main Godzilla suit

  *'84 suit on left, "Son of" on right

Noteworthy Tidbits:

The film takes place in Showa continuity.

Billy DuBose, who stars as Razor Shark, also directs and plays Godzilla (before his Hyper boost), among other things for the film.
 *Billy DuBose

Sarah Breidenbach, who plays Comm. Lexington, also does the voicework for the Shobijin when they sing the classic Mothra songs.

Akira Takarada has a cameo. (which is both awesome and corny)

In conclusion, while it may not be as polished as an official Toho film, "Battle Royale" has a lot of love put into it, and any Godzilla fan should give it a shot, as it's a blast.

For those who are curious, here is the full film on YouTube:


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