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For those who still care, and whenever I'll get around to writing this bad-boy, here's some trailers made by Alex Luthor that set the tone of my Ultron/Sentinels vs. Terminator/Avengers/X-Men fan-fic. 

So...this came out nearly a month ago now, but I still want to share it all the same, because other than the RIDICULOUS controversy about the ethnicty of the characters, this baby has, and will continue it seems, to fall under the radar. Oh well. I know what has my money next month. Sorry Deadpool. 
Turns out saved my original draft for my plot to Episode VIII. Guess I'll be checking in the future when things go wonky. ; )
Well, I was this close to finishing my SW Episode 8 journal, and my piece of crap laptop decides to go out on me. Come back, and nothing was auto-saved. Perhaps it's for the best, as I pretty much remember everything I wrote, and it could use some improvements. But right now, I got to go to bed. Better luck tomorrow I hope...
Heard this on the radio on the way back from Fort Worth/Dallas on Thanksgiving. Seems familiar, but I don't think I've ever heard it before.

Since interest in continuing "Riders in the Sky" is being rekindled, I thought I'd tease the next story I have in mind, which will be slightly simpler. Somebody might not be as dead as we thought they were:
Red Ultron Sentinel by T-R-E-V

They'll probably be getting an upgrade:
Gort1 by T-R-E-V

And they'll have a more effective army at their disposal:
Sentinels-X-Men-Days-Of-Future-Past by T-R-E-V

I wonder who a certain evil robot deems a threat now. ; )

He might also have competition, with the pic below giving you a clue as to who else might show up:
Skynet Logo by T-R-E-V
Ee48e713f85765e264ecaa37fbd23fc9bf321a3b by T-R-E-V

Ecc44b0ed2ce0e37c2851cd898870020913f1b3d by T-R-E-V

0faaad38b7c6b664295cc4d0e0f704bc0817f2d9 by T-R-E-V
So Emilia Clarke was named Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive for 2015. Can't say I object to their decision. Not one bit. :D 
So I watched "Tremors 5" earlier today on Netflix. Happy to say, I was pleasantly surprised. A review is in the imminent future following a repeat viewing, so stay tuned. : ) :iconjedithescififreak: 
Since the below images are from specific artists, I didn't want to submit them as my own. So to illustrate what the Hellhorse Nightmare in "Riders in the Sky" looks like, but with green fire instead of orange/red, see below:
7774154 Orig by T-R-E-V
Also, Erron Black's face mask gives his transformation into Vengeance a slightly altered look, which is actually based on the character that was turned into Ghost Rider, The Phantom Rider:
Phantom Rider1 by T-R-E-V

Just imagine him with a green glow instead of a white one, and you'll have a good idea what he looks like in this form.
And finally:
3126933-secretavengers03012 by T-R-E-V

The Tooth Fairy By Iluvendure-d3dcet1 by T-R-E-V

Green-ranger-ryu by T-R-E-V

3849155-3318622311-190302 by T-R-E-V

Hope it all pans out. ; )
And more to come:
E5848a82924db894fd2148e529016757 by T-R-E-V

Queen Facehugger Alien 3 By Knivesium-d40syhi by T-R-E-V

2c5f31548b616af2314fbe8783e97e60-d83ry04 by T-R-E-V

Ab10fcf3017b7d2f1a9cae79c070340d by T-R-E-V

Closerlookseries10predatorsfeatured-630x0 by T-R-E-V
Crazy or Epic? You decide. ; )
A preview of coming attractions:
                                                What's Wrong, Tough Guy? You Wanna Break My Jaw? by T-R-E-V

Skarlet by T-R-E-V

Wolf by T-R-E-V

Walk Like An Angel, Talk Like An Angel... by T-R-E-V
A story featuring the above four. What it is exactly, I can't say at the present.
Anyone know what the "Core" next to my username means?
This could be another damned April Fools joke, but in any case, this is curious:

Linda Cardellini as Captain Marvel

This may lend credence to the idea:
Linda with Avengers: AOU cast
I've finally clarified something about my belief system, and that is this:

I'm no longer considering myself a "feminist". The term I shall now associate myself with is "egalitarian".

Because at the end of the day, it fits my belief on the matter it is related to more, and that is equality between the sexes.
Sometimes I feel like telling some chickies:

"I'm sorry you're beautiful".
The dilemma of humanity is that it is trying to seek more from existence than existence is willing to provide.
DA should really try and set a criteria for what people should be blocked for. I'd love to have a civil discussion with someone, and not be blocked, just because they don't like what I'm saying. After all, no insults are being thrown at each other. I'm simply disagreeing with them. So, if by some miracle the person this is directed at happens to read this, I'd like to say, no, I won't be joining tumblr anytime soon, at least not for the reason you think I will.

P.S.-12 year olds don't need to hear potty mouths either. ;)
I wish there was a way to make everybody happy, at least some of the time. :sigh: 
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Having seen "The Force Awakens" twice now, I took it upon myself to write my plot idea for Episode 8, drawing heavily from the now non-canon EU. As such, most, if not all these ideas will probably never be used, but that's okay, because even if Disney isn't going to draw from the continuity they rendered mute, that doesn't stop me from doing it. ;)

      Following the destruction of the Starkiller Base, the forces of the First Order have been decimated. The New Republic, in response to the loss of Hosnian Prime and other planets in the same system, realizes the danger of their enemy at last, and lends its full support to the Resistance, led by General Leia Organa. Coming dangerously close to being extinguished from the galaxy forever, the First Order conceives a plan before the Republic can make its final move.

       Under orders from Supreme Leader Snoke, the Knights of Ren, led by JEREC Ren (Benicio Del Toro) whilst Kylo Ren is in training, become directly involved in the command of what is left of the Order. Captain Phasma informs General Hux of a potential new strategy, that relates to former natives of the obliterated planet Alderaan, the insectoid Killiks. Jerec suggests forcing the Killiks, with Phasma overseeing the operation, to use their mind control abilities to turn the heads of the Republic into “Joiners”, those who have been mentally assimilated into the Killiks' hive collective.

Jerec Ren by T-R-E-VKillik by T-R-E-V

    The Republic/Resistance learn of the plan, and before the remaining leaders of the Republic can be hunted down and made Joiners, Leia dispatches Poe Dameron & Finn on a mission to deal with the impending threat. Meanwhile, on the planet AHCH-TO, Luke Skywalker rigorously trains Rey to be a Jedi, focusing specifically on reigning in her marvelous Force powers. Rey suspects that Luke is keeping things from her, and she responds with friction. Luke senses this, but rather than tell her what she wants to know, he simply continues to encourage patience, and focus on the training at hand. However, the news of Finn & Poe's mission reaches Chewbacca, which causes Rey to be insistent on helping them. Luke refuses once more, again reminding her of the training at hand.

   Poe, Finn & BB-8 arrive on Yoggoy, a colony of the Killiks that has been commandeered by the First Order. Poe & Finn plan to make contact with the Killiks, hoping that they are being forced against their will, and that they can gain the Killiks' cooperation to help fight the Order. They find out that the situation is even more dire than anticipated, as the Killiks have split, with those who oppose the Order having separated from the bulk of the Dark Nest. After being attacked by a Gorax giant and his Boar Wolves, Poe & Finn are rescued by the Killik Rebels. While conversing with them, Poe & Finn deduce that their best shot is to get the Killik Rebels to convince their brethren to resist, that, or have the Rebels kill them. The Rebel Killiks however, show Poe & Finn that Joiners hold sway over the hive. The Nest is currently controlled by a Knight of Ren, and the only way to regain the hive's allegiance is to have either Poe or Finn become a Joiner.
Gorax  Boar Wolves by T-R-E-VKillik close up by T-R-E-V

    Back on Ahch-To, Luke & Rey are visited by the Force Ghost of Anakin Skywalker. They are disturbed to find that the Ghost is suffering from a schism of personalities, between Anakin and his former Sith identity, Darth Vader. Luke realizes that Anakin's spirit has been corrupted by the unearthed hemet of Vader, which being a Sith artifact, allows the essence of Darth Vader to continue on, and inhabit the helmet. Luke hopes that destroying the helmet will allow the Ghost to find peace, and no longer have any hold over Kylo Ren. He finally agrees to assist the Republic, much to Rey's delight.

    After reuniting with Leia at the Resistance's HQ, Luke & Rey join Finn & Poe on Yoggoy, lending their assistance. As all this has been happening, Supreme Leader Snoke has continued Kylo Ren's training, with aid from Jerec. Jerec proves a strict teacher, and he hones Kylo's dark side abilities to their peak. Jerec is also the Knight that holds control over the Dark Nest, a Joiner along with Captain Phasma.
Jerec Training by T-R-E-V

    Discovering that Luke & Rey are on Yoggoy, the Knights are sent to finish them off. Luke demonstrates his immense power against Kylo & Jerec (whilst the other Knights oversee the battle between the Order and the united Killiks), and tells Rey to stay out of the fight. The Knights are beat back, but hold their own. Kylo has Jerec overwhelm Luke, while he breaks off to engage in a rematch with Rey. During their duel, Rey proves powerful, like before, but Kylo now matches her, using Dark Side powers like Sith Lightning in his favor. Rey tries to use restraint, like Luke had told her to do, but Kylo senses her struggle, and begins to try and sway her to the Dark Side. Rey adamantly refuses, until Kylo tells her what she has been wanting to know from Luke: that he is her father, making her and Kylo cousins. To further drive her into using her anger against him, Kylo also reveals that Rey's mother, a Jedi named MARA JADE Skywalker (Famke Janssen), was killed by him. This drives Rey to use her rage, but Kylo is ready, and despite the duel becoming neck & neck, he eventually overpowers her, taking her to Snoke.

   Luke & Jerec's duel comes to an end with Luke as the victor. Jerec's defeat allows him to lose his control over the Dark Nest, thereby allowing the entire Killik population to unite against the First Order, with the Republic's aid. Kylo returns to finish Luke off, and gains the upper-hand. However, their duel is interrupted by none other than Mara Jade, still alive. She & Kylo engage each other, trading banter. Kylo eventually manages to take her lightsaber away from her, but Mara retrieves the Skywalker lightsaber that Rey left behind. She & Luke then subdue Kylo. Luke & Mara share a moment of reunion, Mara revealing that she faked her death, and in the interim she had been searching for Luke like everyone else, discreetly as a smuggler, her former profession. The two decide that they will do anything to get their daughter back, and return to the Resistance HQ, the unconscious Kylo in tow.

   Elsewhere, in an unknown location, Rey stands before Supreme Leader Snoke, the sinister figure attempting to make conversation with her. Much as Kylo attempted to get to Rey with the information about Luke & Mara, Snoke offers to elaborate, telling her further details about how Ben Solo became Kylo Ren, if she agrees to become his pupil. As the story comes to a close, in the far reaches of space, on the planet Zonama Sekot, an alien being, the Fosh, Vergere, makes contact with something, telling them “We're ready”. A race of creatures found whilst the Empire was searching for the source of the Dark Side of the Force....

*Note: For those more versed in the EU than me, if I made any mistakes with the Killiks and the Joiners please let me know. Thank You. 


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