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Sometimes I feel like telling some chickies:

"I'm sorry you're beautiful".
The dilemma of humanity is that it is trying to seek more from existence than existence is willing to provide.
DA should really try and set a criteria for what people should be blocked for. I'd love to have a civil discussion with someone, and not be blocked, just because they don't like what I'm saying. After all, no insults are being thrown at each other. I'm simply disagreeing with them. So, if by some miracle the person this is directed at happens to read this, I'd like to say, no, I won't be joining tumblr anytime soon, at least not for the reason you think I will.

P.S.-12 year olds don't need to hear potty mouths either. ;)
I wish there was a way to make everybody happy, at least some of the time. :sigh: 
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Hello all. Been a week or so since I last wrote a journal, and I debated for a few minutes whether I wanted this to be the journal that everyone would see upon bringing up my page here on DA, but I eventually decided to say "screw it", as this is what is on my mind presently, and it's too long to be a status so here goes nothing:

A little while ago, I was checking up on a user on here that I watch, (female, and I only state that because it's important to what I'm about to say) and wonderful artwork aside, the realization that said user really bugs me most of the time settled in again. The reason for said irritation is this: this user is attractive, both physically and mentally speaking. Unfortunately, she's the type who's insecure about said attractiveness, on the physical side of things. While doing this check-up, I remembered that this user does cosplay from time to time, and as such, this past Halloween, she cosplayed a character that was undoubtedly going to draw her some unwanted attention, the Batman villainess Poison Ivy. Prior to her unveiling of said cosplay, she detailed the process of making the outfit, and in these journals she did share some insecurities on it. But, she went through with it anyway, and come Halloween time, got a lot of attention for it, writing an amusing journal in the process. Problem is, she didn't want said attention, and now said journal is gone. So....why bother doing it anyway in the first place?

All that being said, my gripe and frustration regarding this whole matter is this: If certain women have a problem with being complemented on their beauty, then they shouldn't put themselves in a position where potential unwanted attention will be given to them. What makes it worse is that this user wrote another journal (once upon a time), detailing her thoughts on beauty, both inner and outer. It basically amounted to a pep-talk, for herself and other ladies who might read it. Clearly, it didn't hold water for too long, as she still has a problem with seeing herself as, and being told that she is, beautiful.

I guess what I'm trying to say, in the end, is this: Ladies, if you don't like too much attention drawn to yourself because you happen to be attractive, it's really easy to ugly yourself up. If you do that, it'll be a lot easier on yourself, and on the other end of the spectrum, it'll give us decent guys a chance to not be threatened by all your "marine friends" when we tell you that you look beautiful. If you don't want to be seen as "slutty", don't cosplay as Poison F***ing Ivy, for Chrissake. I know there's a bunch of Internet pervs out there, but if you don't want to draw their unwanted attention, and unfortunately in the process, people who are simply telling you you're beautiful, then ugly yourself up. You'll avoid the pervs who might harm you, and you'll spare any poor soul you might hurt emotionally, for being too guarded because you're insecure about how good you look.

Rant done.


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Trevor Thomson
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Awesomesauce! :D And appropriate since I've been rewatching PR on Netflix.

I think Flashman, Maskman, Liveman, Turboranger, Fiveman, and Jetman would have made great PR adaptations out of the older seasons that didn't get adapted.

Gosei Sentai Dairanger is the only Sentai I've seen in full so far. To be honest, the only other one I wouldn't mind seeing is Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, and that's because like Dairanger, it is also not being adapted as a Power Rangers season.
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Pissed. At people on the Web, and at creative decisions in the film world. Well, more weary than pissed.
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